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Rapidstage's inherent simplicity is what makes it a versatile, efficient and a cost effective alternative to traditional tube and coupler scaffolds.




Public Stair System

This stair system is designed for general public access to structures constructed in Rapidstage. They are designed to comply with the Building Code of Australia.

Access Stair System

Access Stairs are appropriate for use in the construction industry, maintenance and other limited access situations only. They are not suitable for the general public.

Universal Jack

Designed for leveling a scaffold where the ground or foundation levels vary.


These components are the vertical supports. They have V pressings in clusters at 495mm intervals that provide easy connection points for ledgers and transoms, etc.


Ledgers have a wedge fixing device at each end, these fit into the upper V on the Standards to locate them at the require longitudinal spacing. They are used in pairs as ledgers at each lift, and to form guardrails at platform level.


Transoms appear as inverted T-sections, with wedge fixing devices at each end. These fit into the lower V pressings on the Standards to locate them at the required lateral spacing. Flanges on the T-section provide a seating for decking components.

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