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Lightweight, versatile and safe soffit formwork system that is easy to erect.

Airodek – high productivity soffit system 

Airodek – high productivity soffit system

Features & Benefits

Innovative Design

Airodek is based on a single principle - simplicity. Airodek has been designed for easy assembly, transportation, storage and maintenance.

  • Lightweight A single operator can easily and safely handle all the equipment reducing labour times for erection and dismantling.
  • Erected from below the soffit Panels and beams can be erected from below the soffit reducing working at height issues, up to 4.2m in height.
  • Ply or Composite Face Airodek has either a high quality ply face or a composite face, which lasts up to 20 times longer, provides a significantly better finish which is Class 2 and is much easier to clean and maintain. The composite panels also have flush countersunk rivets and neatley sealed sheet edges.
  • Quick Strike pin Standard props have a quick strike pin which releases the load with a single hammer blow.
  • Useful Accessories Spacing gates and legs provide stability and give props the correct spacing.
  • Unique Crown The unique crown securely locates the corners of up to four panels simultaneously ensuring panels cannot easily be dislodged.
  • Safety Upstands Plastic upstands on decking beams provide secure location points and prevent the unintentional dislodging of panels.

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