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Lightweight, versatile and safe soffit formwork system that is easy to erect.

Airodek – high productivity soffit system 

Airodek – high productivity soffit system

In Detail

Easy To Use

Increased Productivity

Fast: one man able to fix and strike provides record breaking on-site productivity.

Extensive Accessories

The Airodek infill bracket and support block is for use in conjunction with the Airodek crown, providing support for aluminium or timber beams in a close to wall situation where other supports, like props, would be difficult to use.

Quick Strike

A single hammer blow to the quick strike pin releases the load in the props by lowering the crown and the panel by 4mm which is sufficient to release the formwork panels.

Fewer Components

Airodek has fewer components than other soffit support systems. This reduces storage, handling, maintenance and transport costs.


Lightweight aluminium panels and adjustable props means 30% less weight and 40% fewer parts than conventional steel props and timber, and 25% less weight than other systems using primary beams and panels.

Always Stable

Specially designed heavy duty crown, spacing gates, legs and upstands provide safety and stability.

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