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Lightweight, versatile and safe soffit formwork system that is easy to erect.

Airodek – high productivity soffit system 

Airodek – high productivity soffit system


Airodek Panels

Airodek Panels
Code Description Weight
ADX18030 Airodek Panel 1.8m x 0.3m 12.8kg
ADX18060 Airodek Panel 1.8m x 0.6m 18.6kg
ADX18090 Airodek Panel 1.8m x 0.9m 25.2kg
ADX09060 Airodek Panel 0.9m x 0.6m 10.5kg
ADX09090 Airodek Panel 0.9m x 0.9m 14.0kg
ADX09030 Airodek Panel 0.9m x 0.3m 6.9kg
An aluminium framework with 10mm thick phenolic faced hardware plywood inlaid into the frame. May be used for slabs up to 700mm thick, dependent upon the size of the panel employed. Airodek panels can also have a composite formface for a superior finish, significantly longer life and easier maintenance.

Airodek Props

Airodek Props
Code Description Weight
ADX20005 Airodek Prop size 2.19 to 3.49m 18.5Kg
PRA92000 No. 2 Prop - Galv 2.35 to 3.67m 23.8Kg
RMD No. 2 props are appropriate for the majority of commercial structures.

Decking Beams

Code Description Weight
ADX33000 Airodek Decking Beam - 3000mm 23.0
ADX32400 Airodek Decking Beam - 2400mm 18.3
ADX31800 Airodek Decking Beam - 1800mm 13.6

Infill Beams

Code Description Weight
ADX20003 Airodek Infill Support - 1800mm 10.1
ADX20004 Airodek Infill Support - 900mm 7.3
ADX20022 Airodek Steel Infill Support - 900mm 5.7
ADX20023 Airodek Infill Support - 1800mm 12.0

Airodek HD Crown and Omega Clip

Airodek HD Crown and Omega Clip
Code Description Weight
ADX20015 Airodek HD Crown 1.3kg
RSX10009 Rapidshor Omega Clip 0.1kg
The hooks on the crown can safely accommodate four panels at the same time. The Omega clip securely fastens the crown to the prop.

Airodek Handrail Components

Airodek Handrail Components
Code Description Weight
ADX10004 Airodek Drophead Handrail Bracket 8.5kg
ADX20018 Airodek HD Handrail Socket 5.9kg
ADX20016 Airodek Deck Beam HD Handrail Socket 5.0kg
RSX41500 Airodek Rapidshor Standard OE 1.5m 7.9kg
RSX41500 Airodek Rapidshor Standard OE 1.0m 5.3kg

Airodek Restraints

Code Description Weight
ADX20019 Airodek Upper Restraint Unit 1.6kg
ADX20020 Airodek Lower Restraint Unit 4.3kg
Airodek Restraints Upper Restraint locates via mushroom bolt on rear of cantilevered beam for overturning/side form load restraint. Lower restraint transfers loadings from the upper restraint into the slab.

Spacing Gate

spacing gate
Code Description Weight
ADX20007 Spacing Gate 1.8m 9.8
ADX20041 Spacing Gate 1.1m 7.5
ADX20006 Spacing Gate 0.9m 6.9
ADX20025 Airodek Prop Head Adaptor A.P 0.9

Airodek Drophead

Airodek Drophead
Code Description Weight
ADX30001 Airodek Drophead 7.4kg
RSX10009 Rapidshor Omega Clip 0.03kg
ADX30003 Airodek Drophead Panel 1.8m 13.2Kg
ADX30004 Airodek Drophead Panel 9m 7.3Kg
ADX10004 Drophead Handrail Bracket 8.5Kg
ADX10006 Airodek Restraint Pin 0.3kg
Airodek Drophead has a 70mm stripping facility for use on slabs which require backpropping, or early removal of the Panels and Beams.

Drophead Adaptors

Code Description Weight
ADX30002 Airodek Alshor Adaptor 3.98
ADX10003 Airodek Rapidshor Adaptor 2.29
ADX10011 Airodek Universal Adaptor 3.27
The adaptors enable Airodek to be used with the Alshor Plus or Rapidshor shoring systems intead of props.

Infill Bracket and Support Block

Code Description Weight
ADX20026 Airodek Infill Bracket 2.02
ADX20027 Support Block 0.81

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