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Aluminium Beams

Aluminium Beams

Lightweight and durable aluminium beams with an extensive range of accessories. The beams form a complete system that can be used for virtually unlimited configurations and applications.

Aluminium Beams – strong, but light to handle 

Aluminium Beams – strong, but light to handle


Aluminium Beams - Alform

Aluminium Beams - Alform
Code Description Weight
AFA10900 Beam Alform 0.9m 5.0kg
AFA10900 Beam Alform 1.0m 5.1kg
AFX11200 Beam Alform 1.2m 6.7kg
AFX11500 Beam Alform 1.5m 7.7kg
AFX11800 Beam Alform 1.8m 10.1kg
AFX12100 Beam Alform 2.1m 11.8kg
AFX12400 Beam Alform 2.4m 13.5kg
AFX12700 Beam Alform 2.7m 15.2kg
AFX13000 Beam Alform 3.0m 15.3kg
AFX13300 Beam Alform 3.3m 18.6kg
AFX13600 Beam Alform 3.6m 20.2kg
AFA13900 Beam Alform 3.9m 22.0kg
AFX14200 Beam Alform 4.2m 23.6kg
AFX14500 Beam Alform 4.5m 25.3kg
AFX14800 Beam Alform 4.8m 27.0kg
AFX15100 Beam Alform 5.1m 28.7kg
AFX15400 Beam Alform 5.4m 30.5kg
AFX15700 Beam Alform 5.7m 32.0kg
AFX15800 Beam Alform 5.8m 29.6kg
AFX16000 Beam Alform 6.0m 33.9kg
AFX16300 Beam Alform 6.3m 35.4kg
AFX16600 Beam Alform 6.6m 37.3kg
AFX17200 Beam Alform 7.2m 40.7kg
AFX17500 Beam Alform 7.5m 42.2kg
Alform Beam is 150mm deep, its been designed for wall formwork and slab support applications. They can be used in conjunction with RMD's Super Slim Soldiers to assemble large wall formwork panels. Alform's aluminium construction ensures its lighter than timber, has a consistent alignment, accuracy and structural integrity, reducing wastage, assembly time and labour costs.

Aluminium Beams - Albeam

Code Description Weight
ABX11800 Beam Albeam 1.8m 14.7kg
ABX12400 Beam Albeam 2.4m 19.7kg
ABX13000 Beam Albeam 3.0m 24.6kg
ABX13600 Beam Albeam 3.6m 29.5kg
ABX14200 Beam Albeam 4.2m 34.4kg
ABX14800 Beam Albeam 4.8m 39.4kg
ABX15400 Beam Albeam 5.4m 44.3kg
Albeams provide increased bending and shear resistance, allowing more weight to be supported across greater spans with less equipment, saving time and costs.

Alform Internal Corner

Alform Internal Corner
Code Description Weight
AFX20007 Alform Internal Corner 1.3kg
AFX20002 Alignment Angle 2.1kg

Alform Internal Splice Unit

Alform Internal Splice Unit
Code Description Weight
AFX20008 Alform Internal Splice 2.2kg
AFX20019 Alform Internal Splice Clamp Plate 0.9kg
AFA10015 Serrated Double Nut 0.10kg

Alform Universal Clip

Code Description Weight
AFX20015 Alform Universal Clip 0.1kg
AFX20022 Unifix Bolt 0.04kg

Alform Wedge Clamp

Alform Wedge Clamp
Code Description Weight
ALX10002 Alform Wedge Clamp 0.55kg

Aluminium Beam Nuts and Bolts

Code Description Weight
BNU16001 Nut - M16 Hex Plated 0.03kg
AFX20022 Bolt - M12 Unifix 0.05kg
BNU12001 Nut - M12 Hex Plated 0.01kg
BNU12004 Wing Nut - M12 Plated 0.01kg

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