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Ascent-Formwork is a new, innovative craned or self-climbing formwork system. Ascent is versatile: it is suitable for inclined; stepped; circular or straight surfaces and has integrated safety features.

Ascent-Formwork, craned or self-climbing 

Ascent-Formwork, craned or self-climbing

In Detail

Bracket & Hydraulics

Wall Bracket - Attach and guide

The Ascent Wall Bracket is used to attach the masts to the wall and provide guidance during lifting. Smoothly chamfered leading and trailing edges guide the mast through the wall brackets during lifting or lowering.

Wall Bracket - Optimised for usage

Optimised to reduce weight and make manual handling easier. Other features include - removable mast guides which allow equipment to be craned directly away from the wall and an integrated handle, for easy carrying.

Wall Bracket - Cost reducing

The bracket is lightweight at only 13.2kg. A projecting boss on the rear of the bracket locates into the recess on the embedded anchor, enabling a labour saving single-man fix or removal of the bracket from the wall.

Hydraulic system - Maintain cycle times

Enables movement of the platforms without the need for a crane, useful during conditions when the crane is either winded off or is servicing other trades, allowing work to continue and maintaining fast cycle times.

Hydraulic system - Simple connection

The system attaches to the bracket using a simple pin connection and is fully interchangeable between platform modules

Hydraulic system - Utilise onsite power

Movement is controlled by a single unit, powered by a 415v, 3 phase power, with equal raise speeds for safe, smooth movement.

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