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Adjustable Props

Adjustable Props

Designed in accordance with EN1065, Adjustable Props ensure safe and effective load capacity.

Adjustable Props 

Adjustable Props

Product Overview

RMD Kwikform’s high strength E35 and E40 Adjustable Props can be used in a vast range of decking systems - as individual props or in back propping scenarios. With self-cleaning external threads, this class “E” prop is designed in accordance with EN1065 and the galvanised finish offers longevity and durability.


  • At full extension the props conform to the specifications of EN1065 which require them to be rated at 30kN AWL, over the entire range. Our E35 and E40 Props are 30% stronger than this for use in shorter propping heights.


  • Prevents the user from trapping their fingers when handling the props via the hole in the baseplate.


  • Both the E35 and the E40 Prop are available, providing a propping range from 2.0m - 3.5m and 2.3m - 4.0m respectively.


  • At just 22kg the E35 prop can be easily loaded, unloaded, handled and installed by one person.


  • Safer handling when using the hole in the base plate, the in-built safety bolt prevents the inner tube from falling down and trapping operatives fingers.
  • Endplate corners are shaped for safe stacking.


  • Jet Locks allow for the quick and easy connection of simple cross braces for prop stability, when used with decking systems.

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