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Robust, versatile large-panel wall & column formwork system




Panels 1200mm

Code Description Weight
MXX21203 Panel 1200 x 300mm 39.5kg
MXX21204 Panel 1200 x 450mm 48.7kg
MXX21206 Panel 1200 x 600mm 57.7kg
MXX21207 Panel 1200 x 720mm 64.8kg
MXX21209 Panel 1200 x 900mm 75.9kg
MXX21212 Panel 1200 x 1200mm 94.0kg

Panels 2700mm

Code Description Weight
MXX22703 Panel 2700 x 300mm 82.8kg
MXX22704 Panel 2700 x 450mm 101.5kg
MXX22706 Panel 2700 x 600mm 119.6kg
MXX22707 Panel 2700 x 720mm 134.1kg
MXX22709 Panel 2700 x 900mm 150.8kg
MXX22712 Panel 2700 x 1200mm 187.5kg
MXX22724 Panel 2700mm x 2400mm 381.5kg

Maxima Panels 3300mm

Maxima Panel 3300mm
Code Description Weight
MXX23303 Panel 3300 x 300mm 93.2kg
MXX23304 Panel 3300 x 450mm 123.2kg
MXX23306 Panel 3300 x 600mm 144.2kg
MXX23307 Panel 3300 x 720mm 149.9kg
MXX23309 Panel 3300 x 900mm 188.0kg
MXX23312 Panel 3300 x 1200mm 231.6kg
MXX23324 Panel 3300 x 2400mm 466.3kg

Universal Panels

Code Description Weight
MXX31207 Universal Panel 1200 x 720mm 62.3kg
MXX32707 Universal Panel 2700 x 720mm 125.9kg
MXX33307 Universal Panel 3300 x 720mm 151.6kg

Hinged Corners

Code Description Weight
MXX61230 Hinged Corner 1200 x 300mm 54.6kg
MXX62730 Hinged Corner 2700 x 300mm 120.4kg

Internal Corners

Code Description Weight
MXX61203 Internal Corner 1200 x 300mm 45.8kg
MXX62703 Internal Corner 2700 x 300mm 99.2kg
MXX63303 Internal Corner 3300 x 300mm 122.4kg

Multi Clamp

Maxima multi-clamp
Code Description Weight
MXX10017 Maxima Multi Clamp 3.2kg
AWL = 15kN

Adjustable Clamp

Maxima Adjustable Clamp
Code Description Weight
MXX10004 Adjustable Clamp 9.0kg
AWL - 15kN

Alignment Clamp

Code Description Weight
MXX10036 Maxima Alignment Clamp 11.2kg

Combination Tie Plate

Maxima Combination Tie Plate
Code Description Weight
MXX10043 Tie Plate 15mm 1.1kg
MXX10021 Tie Plate 20mm 1.6kg
AWL (15mm) = 110kN; AWL (20mm) = 130kN

Hammer Head Bolt

Maxima Hammer Head Bolts
Code Description Weight
MXX10014 Hammer Head Bolt 250 0.4kg
MXX10013 Hammer Head Bolt 300 0.5kg
For connecting alignment rails and accessories through the slots in panel, AWL = 17kN.

Edge Tie Bearing

Maxima Edge Tie Bearing
Code Description Weight
MXX10011 Edge Tie Bearing 2.4kg
AWL = 12.5kN

Ground Plate

Code Description Weight
MXX10012 Maxima Ground Plate 0.7kg
A waler plate for tying formwork panels at ground level or adjacent to walls, AWL = 65kN.

Alignment Rail

Maxima Alignment Rail
Code Description Weight
MXX10008 Alignment Rail 750mm 8.1kg
MXX10007 Alignment Rail 1500mm 16.1kg
Used for stiffening horizontal joints of large-area crane handled units, stop ends and infills.

Alignment Rail Corner

Maxima Alignment Rail Corner
Code Description Weight
MXX10009 Alignment Rail Corner 13.8kg

Access Bracket

Maxima Access Bracket
Code Description Weight
MXX10003 Maxima Access Bracket 900mm 15.4kg
AWL = 1.5kN/m² at 1.8m c/c AWL = 1.0 kN/m² at 2.0m c/c

Alignment Prop

Maxima Alignment Prop
Code Description Weight
MXX10005 Maxima Prop 1900 - 3290mm 30.5kg
MXX10006 Maxima Prop 3170 - 5660mm 52.7kg

Crane Hook

Code Description Weight
MXX10010 Maxima Crane Hook 15kN 13.7kg
AWL = 15kN per hook. Please refer to RMD Kwikform Equipment Guidance Notes for safe use.

Universal Panel Sealer

Code Description Weight
MXX10019 Universal Panel Sealer 0.1kg
For sealing the unused tie holes in panels.

Tie Hole Plug

Maxima Tie Hold Plug
Code Description Weight
MXX10022 Maxima Tie Hole Plug 0.4kg
For sealing tie sleeves in all panels.

Maxima Column Panels

Code Description Weight
MXX30933 Column Panel 3300mm x 900mm 236.0kg
MXX30927 Column Panel 2700mm x 900mm 191.9kg
MXX30915 Column Panel 1500mm x 900mm 115.4kg
MXX30909 Column Panel 900mm x 900mm 81.6kg

Panel Joint Bolt

Maxima Pannel Connection
Code Description Weight
MXX10045 Panel Joint Bolt 1.0kg

Panel Joint Nut

Code Description Weight
MXX10046 Panel Joint Nut 0.7kg

Panel Moving Hook

Maxima Panel Moving Hook
Code Description Weight
MXX10035 Maxima Panel Moving Hook 1.2kg
Used for moving stacks of panels.

Column Platform

Maxima Column Platform
Code Description Weight
MXX10027 Maxima Column Access Platform 195.8kg

Maxima Lifting Eye

Code Description Weight
MXX10052 Lifting Eye 0.7kg
BNX24008 M24x100 Grade 8.8 Bolt 0.5kg
BNX24009 M24 Zinc Plated Washer 0.03kg
MXX10069 Maxima Stripping Corner Lifting Assembly 7.6kg

Fillet Strip

Maxima Fillet Strip
Code Description Weight
MXX10051 Maxima Column Panel Fillet Strip 0.5kg
MXX10050 Maxima Column Panel Fillet Clip 0.01kg
FAU10008 Chamfer - 25mm No Flange x 2500mm 0.4kg

Stripping Corner

Code Description Weight
MXX10072 Stripping Corner 1500 Mk2 93.0kg
MXX10073 Stripping Corner 1200 Mk2 76.9kg
MXX10074 Stripping Corner 2700 Mk2 159.2kg

Turnbuckle Ratchet

maxima turnbuckle ratchet
Code Description Weight
MXX10047 Turnbuckle Ratchet 4.1kg

Stripping Corner Pin & R Clip

Maxima Connection Bolt
Code Description Weight
MXX10049 Maxima Pin 0.3kg
SSX10045 Superslim 3mm R Clip 0.01kg


Maxima Hydraulics
Code Description Weight
MXX10053 Hydraulic Cylinder 3.2kg
MXX10054 Hydraulic Pump 5 litre 12.0kg
MXX10058 Hydraulic 'Tee' Connector 0.3kg
MXX10060 Hydraulic Straight Connector 0.3kg
MXX10061 Hydraulic Manifold Schematic Layout 1.1kg

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