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Megashor is an ultra, high-duty modular shoring system designed for high axial loads of 750kN, but its real strength lies in its versatility. From heavy lifting towers to travellers for tunnel formwork, bracing for excavations, shoring and trusses, Megashor can be configured for a huge variety of applications.

Megashor – ultra heavy-duty shoring 

Megashor – ultra heavy-duty shoring


Megashor Legs

Code Description Weight
MSX10090 Megashor Leg 0.09m 21.7kg
MSX10270 Megashor Leg 0.27m 29.9kg
MSX10450 Megashor Leg 0.45m 44.6kg
MSX10900 Megashor Leg 0.9m 64.6kg
MSX11800 Megashor Leg 1.8m 111.9kg
MSX12700 Megashor Leg 2.7m 159.2kg
MSX14500 Megashor Leg 4.5m 253.7kg
MSX15400 Megashor Leg 5.4m 301.5kg
MSX10012 Megashor End Plate 15mm 9.4kg
Megashor Legs have nine strut sizes, ranging from 15mm to 5.4m, each leg has a high axial load capacity of up to 750kN. Its high axial stiffness ensures that it accommodates the heavy-duty load it can support.

Superslim Soldier Beams

Code Description Weight
SSX13600 Superslim Soldier 3600mm 72.18kg
SSX12700 Superslim Soldier 2700mm 55.38kg
SSX11800 Superslim Soldier 1800mm 38.80kg
SSX10900 Superslim Soldier 900mm 22.00kg
SSX10720 Superslim Soldier 720mm 18.74kg
SSX10540 Superslim Soldier 540mm 15.24kg
SSX10360 Superslim Soldier 360mm 11.98kg
SSX10090 Superslim Soldier 90mm 7.32kg
SSU10035 Superslim Soldier - Open End 360mm 11.69kg
SSX10040 End Plate 10mm 2.91kg

Megashor Screw Jack

Code Description Weight
MSX10011 Megashor Screw Jack 410 - 620mm 59.1kg

Megashor Header Beams

Megashor Header Beams
Code Description Weight
MSX10014 Megashor Header Beam 3.8m 1036.0kg
MSX10015 Megashor Header Beam 5.0m 1320.0kg
Megashor Header Beams have various serial sizes and lengths of beam available for use in Megashor Schemes

Megashor Bracing Plate

Megashor Bracing Plate
Code Description Weight
MSU10025 Megashor Brace Plate 20.0kg
Megashor Bracing Plate for spreading loads and connecting braces.

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