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Minima is a robust, versatile modular formwork panel system for concrete pressures up to 60kPa.

Minima – formwork panel system 

Minima – formwork panel system

Product Overview


  • Efficient tie hole positioning reduces the number of ties required, lowering costs and construction times
  • Modular components reduces the time to assemble and dismantle the panels
  • Minima has an extensive range of accessories that enable quick erection and stripping of the system


  • Few loose fittings make it easy and convenient to connect the panels by using Minima clamps - no special tools are required
  • Minima is a robust, wall formwork panel system for concrete loads of up to 60kPa


  • Many of Minima's panels are lighterweight (only 30kg/m2), which means most panels are easily set by hand, minimising the need for cranage, reducing costs and skilled labour requirements
  • Minima has either a high quality ply face or a composite face, which lasts longer, provides a better finish and is easier to clean
  • Panels can be clamped together and up to 25m2 can be lifted by crane if required, increasing the productivity of the system
  • Minima inner corners have a 2 degree stripping clearance, which allows panels to be easily removed once curing has taken place
  • Clamps are easily tightened, prolonging their working life and reducing labour requirements
  • Minima has many different panel sizes ensuring that virtually any wall can be erected. Furthermore, composite panels are available for longer life and a better finish

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