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Minima is a robust, versatile modular formwork panel system for concrete pressures up to 60kPa.

Minima – formwork panel system 

Minima – formwork panel system

In Detail


Modular components

Reduces the time to assemble and dismantle the system.

Few loose fittings

It is easy to connect the panels by using the Minima clamps, no special tools are required.

High concrete pressure

Minima is suitable for concrete pressures up to 60kN/m2 for single tie and 55kN/m2 for height extended forms. Minimises the use of form ties, reducing the number of components required.


Handset formwork

Most of Minima's panels can be set without a crane, substantially reducing cost.

Hot-dip galvanised frame

Increase panel's life cycle and reduce maintenance costs.

Wide range of panel sizes

With three different height sizes and five different width sizes, with 18 different panel sizes overall, including 2.7 x 2.4m, Minima can be adopted to almost every project.

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