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Paraslim and Webtie

Paraslim and Webtie

Bridge deck cantilever formwork and soffit formwork suspension system that make bridge construction so much easier.

Paraslim and Webtie Bridge Formwork 

Paraslim and Webtie Bridge Formwork

Product Overview

Paraslim and Webtie

Paraslim is a flexible, modular, cantilever formwork system for the construction of the deck edge projections of composite steel girder and precast concrete bridge decks. Webtie modular soffit formwork increases the speed and efficiency of the construction of reinforced concrete decks in composite bridges, providing an economical and flexible alternative to permanent formwork between the bridge girders.


  • Paraslim provides a reduction in labour costs due to rapid erection and dismantling times
  • Modules of Paraslim are prefabricated on the ground before being crane handled into position
  • Webtie has a rapid erection and disassembly time
  • Webtie only requires a minimum quantity of equipment


  • Paraslim is fully adjustable to fit a wide range of types and sizes of bridges
  • The working platform and handrail are immediately in place when using Paraslim
  • Webtie can be used on both steel and concrete beam bridges
  • Webtie is independent of girder depth


  • With Paraslim all erection, adjustment and stripping operations are carried out safely from deck level, without the need for access systems

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