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Rapid Bar Tie

Rapid Bar Tie

The RMD Rapid Bar Tie has a comprehensive range of accessories and load capacities making it exceptionally versatile and cost-effective tie.

Rapid Bar Tie – robust, high quality 

Rapid Bar Tie – robust, high quality

In Detail

Secure fixings

The heavy duty flat plate is designed to distribute the load of the Rapid Bar Tie into the supporting member.

Quality accessories

Recoverable plastic cones used at each end of the conduit tube set the tube 10mm short of the concrete wall surface. The cones are easily removed for reuse. The clean impression left by the cone allows for an aesthetically pleasing cement plug.

Self cleaning

The coarse pitch and intermittent thread form means the wing nut runs down the bar quickly, self cleaning, removing dirt in the process – speeding up assembly and reducing costs.

Standard product

Our vast inventory of Rapid Bar Tie and accessories, combined with our extensive worldwide distribution network means we can fulfil the most urgent requirements from stock.

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