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Commercial Products

Commercial Products

RMD has an innovative and safe range of commercial products that are highly productive.

Commercial Products 

Commercial Products


RMD's commercial products were designed to be both safe and productive. In most projects they will save you time and money, due to their unique special features that reduce the time taken for assembly, reduce overall components required and make component connection easier. And behind all this is the support and expertise of RMD Australia that has been in the construction industry for more than 60 years.

  • Faster The RMD commercial products are fast to erect and strike, because they have easy to use connections that connect components together quickly, speeding up the whole process.
  • Some of these products also have quick load release methods that save time in removing equipment and minimize damage to the curing concrete.
  • Some have greater spans or bigger bays than their competitor products and therefore require less components and require less time to assemble and disassemble them.
  • Safety All of these products have been based on safety. Most of them have safe working platforms with guardrails and safe access. Overall they are strong and rigid products.
  • Easier Most of these systems have connection devices at set locations, usually on the legs, so it is easy to locate components at the appropriate heights, without having to measure where they should be located.

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