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Commercial Products

Commercial Products

RMD has an innovative and safe range of commercial products that are highly productive.

Commercial Products 

Commercial Products

Ascent-Screen - Perimeter Safety System

Total perimeter protection

Product Overview

Ascent-Screen provides a fully closed perimeter screen. This protects workers from the elements and suffering from vertigo, assisting with site productivity. Also it importantly stops items from being dropped on workers and the general public.



The large screen area is available for you to use for advertising, which will help to pay for the screen hire. If you don't want to advertise you can sell the space to another company.


Ascent-Screen is off set from the building

By off-setting the screen from the building the screen can be raised whilst the slab formwork remains in place. This improves cycle times and on-site productivity.


Cladding Beam Extension

Screens change in width from 3 to 5.4m, so less screens are required on the project. Screens reduced to 3m are easier to transport and stack, in fact up to 4 modules can be transported or stacked. Save on transport and area onsite.


Screen modules side by side sealed tightly

Compressible edge seals allow for +/-40mm tolerance between screen modules. This ensures that there are no gaps between the screens, preventing any loose material from falling out.


Lower slabs are also sealed

Gaps between lower slabs are also be sealed by using rotating ply flaps to ensure no items can fall through.


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