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Commercial Products

Commercial Products

RMD has an innovative and safe range of commercial products that are highly productive.

Commercial Products 

Commercial Products

ALshor Plus Shoring System

Lighter weight with built in safety and productivity

Product Overview

Alshor Plus is made from aluminium so it is easier to handle, but its leg loading is up to 120kN/leg, so less support equipment is required and it has faster erection times. It has a unique quick load release system that significantly reduces disassembly time.

Product Overview

The Alshor Plus Long Jacks have a quick release of load system, which shortens the Jack by 12mm making it much easier to disassemble. This increases productivity and reduces damage to the equipment and curing concrete.

Fast Connections

The connection of frames to legs, using blades and latches on frame corners, enables a frame to be located in 10 seconds, thereby minimizing erection time. Also, the lugs on the legs indicate where frames can be fitted.

Horizontal erection

Fixed position pockets enable towers to be assembled horizontally and then erected by crane whilst remaining straight. This reduces working at height, improving safety and reducing program times.

Reduced Erection Time

Leg to leg connection is easily made by using a bolt-less snapfix spigot, reducing erection and dismantle times still further.

Labour Saving

The Long Jack's range of 1.25m reduces leg changes between building levels, which means less labour and equipment is required. This Jack also has a ball and cup base that provides a 10 and 2.5 degree base rotation, enabling easy use on sloping surfaces.

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