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Commercial Products

Commercial Products

RMD has an innovative and safe range of commercial products that are highly productive.

Commercial Products 

Commercial Products

Airodek Soffit System

High productivity soffit system

Product Overview

Airodek's lightweight aluminium and adjustable props means 30% less weight and 40% fewer parts than conventional steel props and timber, and 25% less weight than other systems using primary beams and panels. All of which saves time and cost.

Increased Productivity

A single worker can easily and safely handle all components in the Airodek prop and panel system, because they are all under 25kg, making them easy for man handling and thereby reducing assembly and disassembly times.


Quick Strike

A single hammer blow to the quick strike pin on the props, releases the load on the props by lowering the crown and the panel by 4mm, which is sufficient to release the formwork panels to more easily retrieve the panels without damaging the concrete surface.

Ply or composite face

You can choose whether your Airodek panels have high quality ply face or a composite face that lasts longer, provides a better finish and is easier to clean.

Erected from below the soffit

RMD is always conscious of safety and that's why with Airodek the panels are erected from below the soffit, stopping the need for your workers placing panels from the top of the panels, at height.

Using Dropheads

Subsequent to the concrete slab curing sufficiently, the release on the Dropheads can occur, which lowers the panels and beams by 70mm. Whilst the Drophead continues to support the underside of the slab, the panels and beams can be used elsewhere.

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