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Commercial Products

Commercial Products

RMD has an innovative and safe range of commercial products that are highly productive.

Commercial Products 

Commercial Products

Rapidstage Scaffolding System

Versatile, modular scaffolding

Product Overview

Rapidstage's inherent simplicity is what makes it a versatile, efficient and cost effective alternative to other scaffold systems. It's been designed to increase the speed of assembly and disassembly so the cycle time is quick.

High Loading Capability

Provides fast, safe working access to most heights for any operation. Rapidstage's high load capability is suitable for all sorts of work, from masons, which are high load, to painters who are low load and everything in between.

Accommodates all building profiles

Rapidstage speeds construction by eliminating obstructive internal bracing. Rapidstage's versatility enables it to get around awkward protrusions from the structure and can easily deal with sloping ground.


Ideal for commercial building projects

Rapidstage is highly suitable for the movement of large quantities of building material due to its high capacity Rapidstage loading towers, which leaves working platforms free for the movement of workers.

Quick and easy to erect

Ledgers and transoms are connected to standards using captive wedges and all joints are self locating. They have been designed for use by unskilled labour, keeping erection times and costs to a minimum. The locked in wedges ensure that a high level of safety is achieved.

Comprehensive Accessories

A wide range of accessories include: handrails; hop-up brackets; board stage-brackets; staircase towers and loading bays, providing safe and secure access systems for all your requirements.

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