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RMD Australia's Slimshor system provides heavy-duty support for vertical, horizontal and raking shore applications.

Slimshor – vertical, horizontal & raking shores 

Slimshor – vertical, horizontal & raking shores

Product Overview

Slimshor is a heavy-duty support for vertical, horizontal and raking applications


  • Slimshor is ideally suitable for supporting large conventional wall formwork and vertical precast concrete wall elements, as a result of its strength and how quickly it can be fitted.


  • Slimshors secure support ensures the structure is supported in a safe manner.
  • Super Slim Soldiers, the main components of Slimshor, are manufactured from high yield steel to provide maximum load capacity and are unlikely to fail.
  • Slimshor has proven performance time after time on site after site around the world.


  • The Slimshor components connect easily and directly to Super Slim Soldiers. The addition of standard jacks at the end of a Super Slim Soldiers, with suitable end connections convert the Super Slim into effective push-pull props.
  • Slimshor props can be used to position and stabilise both large wall forms and existing walls or precast concrete wall elements.
  • Adjustment of prop length is easily achieved by rotating the Super Slim Soldier body.

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