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Special Formwork

Special Formwork

Special formwork produced by RMD is the unique solution for your project challenge. Working with you to meet your requirements we can provide purpose made formwork that is both cost effective and the safest solution possible.

Special Formwork – meets your needs 

Special Formwork – meets your needs

Overview & Applications

Special formwork by RMD is the unique solution to your project challenge. Working with you to meet your specific project requirements RMD can provide the most cost effective and safest solution possible. With our worldwide design and engineering capability we can provide unique solutions for a wide spectrum of applications, including;

  • Water retaining structures

  • Tunnels and culverts

  • Bridges

  • Columns and piers

  • Dams

  • Water treatment works

  • Energy plants

  • Industry and commerce

  • Leisure and entertainment

  • Pre-cast and site moulds

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