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Strong support with fewer parts, which means less labour and project costs.

Strongshor – heavy-duty support 

Strongshor – heavy-duty support


Strongshor Frames

Code Description Weight
SHA70911 Strongshor Frames 0.91m 16.0kg
SHA71221 Strongshor Frames 1.22m 18.5kg
SHA71521 Strongshor Frames 1.52m 23.5kg
SHA71831 Strongshor Frames 1.83m 25.0kg
There are four Strongshor Frames that vary in height from 0.91m to 1.83m. They are easy to handle because their weight doesn't get higher than 25kg.

Strongshor Telescopic Frame

Strongshor Telescopic Frame
Code Description Weight
SHA10050 Strongshor Telescopic Frame 0.6 - 1.2m 21.6kg
Specifically designed to gain additional shoring height. It adjusts up to 1.2m in height.

Strongshor Braces - Multi Hole

Code Description Weight
SHA60081 1.690m 3 holes Black Strongshor Brace B1 5.4kg
SHA60082 1.980m 3 holes White Strongshor Brace B2 6.4kg
SHA60083 2.250m 4 holes Blue Strongshor Brace B3 7.1kg
SHA60084 2.650m 4 holes Red Strongshor Brace B4 8.6kg
SHA60085 2.930m 2 holes Yellow Strongshor Brace B5 9.5kg
Hinged at the centre, they automatically align and space the frames. All braces are colour coded for easy identification.

Joint Spigot

Joint Spigot Component Image
Code Description Weight
SHA10015 Strongshor Joint Spigot 1.34kg
A quality cast joint coupler used for connecting frames, which is easy to fit.

Universal Jack

Universal Jack
Code Description Weight
KAX20008 Universal Jack - adjustment 0.5m 7.4kg
Developed for use in a variety of applications, either as an adjustable base jack or as a head jack in false work applications.

Strongshor Fork Heads

Code Description Weight
SHA10030 Strongshor Fork Head 108mm 1.5kg
SHA10045 Strongshor Fork Head 210mm 2.2kg
There are two Strongshor Fork Heads, one is 108mm and the other is 210mm.

Long Solid ‘U’ Head Jack

Code Description Weight
SHA20005 Long Solid ‘U’ Head Jack 10.2kg
A high capacity, solid stem jack with a fixed 210mm ‘U’ head. Adjustment 500mm.

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