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Super Slim Soldier

Super Slim Soldier

The definitive formwork primary beam, that can easily be made into formwork or shoring using other RMD Australia products.

Superslim Soldier – definitive primary beam 

Superslim Soldier – definitive primary beam

In Detail

Can be assembled into practically any length

Because they can be assembled into any required length, Superslim Soldiers are frequently used as raking push-pull props, as well as vertical shoring.

Ideal as primary beams

Superslim Soldiers are ideal as primary beams on shoring to support reinforced concrete slab construction.

Can be assembled with ease into frames and trusses

Using system clamps, scaffold tube and other accessories, Superslim Soldiers can be assembled with ease into frames and trusses for facade retentions, multi-level supports to temporary site offices, cantilever supports, exhibition stands and film sets.

Construct straight, curved, conical or other formwork configurations

When using a plywood form face together with one of RMD’s aluminium secondary beams or timber beams, Superslim Soldiers can be used to construct straight, curved, conical or other complex formwork configurations. RMD supplies brackets for attaching access walkways on formwork panels.

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