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Super Slim Soldier

Super Slim Soldier

The definitive formwork primary beam, that can easily be made into formwork or shoring using other RMD Australia products.

Superslim Soldier – definitive primary beam 

Superslim Soldier – definitive primary beam


Super Slim Soldiers

Super Slim Soldiers
Code Description Weight
SSX13600 3.6m Super Slim Soldier 73.0Kg
SSX12700 2.7m Super Slim Soldier 55.0Kg
SSX11800 1.8m Super Slim Soldier 40.0Kg
SSX11260 1.26m Super Slim Soldier 25.5Kg
SSX10900 0.90m Super Slim Soldier 22.1Kg
SSX10720 0.72m Super Slim Soldier 17.0Kg
SSX10540 0.54m Super Slim Soldier 16.0Kg
SSX10360 0.36m Super Slim Soldier 12.4Kg
SSX10180 0.18m Super Slim Soldier 7.5Kg
SSX10090 0.09mm Super Slim Soldier 9.6Kg
Super Slim Soldiers are the definitive formwork primary beam, with its unrivalled strength to weight ratio, versatility and range of accessories.

Superslim Soldier 6-Way connector

Code Description Weight
SSA10300 Superslim Soldier 6-Way connector 25kg
A node to connect six soldiers at right-angles

Superslim Soldiers Bolts, Nuts and Pins

Code Description Weight
BNA11635 Connecting Bolt M16 x 40mm 0.09kg
BNA11600 Nut Hex M16 0.03kg
BNX21600 Washer M16 0.02kg
SSX10044 Connecting Pin 19mm dia. 0.23kg
SSA10095 Spring Clip 0.01kg
SSA10050 Pivot Pin 0.56kg
Connects the various componments together.

Superslim Soldier Prop Jacks

Code Description Weight
SSA20011 Superslim Soldier Jacks - Right Hand - Red 12.5kg
SSA20010 Superslim Soldier Jacks - Left Hand - Blue 12.5kg
Converts soldiers into heavy duty push-pull props - Adjustable Range = 352-565mm

Superslim Soldier End Plate Adaptor

Superslim Soldier End Plate Adaptor
Code Description Weight
SSA10025 Superslim Soldier End Plate Adaptor 1.7kg
Allows connection of a soldier at 90 degees along the length to another Superslim Soldier. WLL = 40kN in tension (LSCF = 1.5)

Superslim Soldier Plumbing Jack

Code Description Weight
SSA20001 Superslim Soldier Plumbing Jack 5.2kg
Used to plumb wall forms. Adjustable range of 70 - 200mm, WLL = 37kN (LSCF = 1.5)

Superslim Soldier Turnbuckles

Superslim Soldier Turnbuckles
Code Description Weight
SSA10265 Superslim Soldier Short Turnbuckles 0.92 - 1.235m 7.0kg
SSA10275 Superslim Soldier LongTurnbuckles 1.52 - 1.835m 10.1kg
For plumbing shutters.

Superslim Soldiers Strut Adaptor

Superslim Strut Adaptors
Code Description Weight
SSA10345 Superslim Soldiers Strut Adaptor 4.1kg
For creating a heavy duty raking shore and connecting to another soldier.

Superslim Soldier B Clamp

Superslim Soldier B Clamp
Code Description Weight
RPA10015 Superslim Soldier B Clamp 0.74kg
Connects scaffold tube to soldiers. WLL = 5.0kN/pair

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