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  • SYSTEM Propping, Shoring
  • PRODUCT Alshor Plus, Megashor
  • STRUCTURE TYPE Dams, Industrial, Mining, Stadiums
  • REGION Australia & New Zealand

RMD Australia's Megashor and Alshor Plus were used on the AAMI Stadium to support the roof until it supported itself.

RMD Melbourne branch commenced involvement with Grocon Constructors Pty Ltd at tender stage, working with them through early to mid 2007 mainly looking at solutions for supporting the roof structure.

Our involvement with supplying material to the project commenced with the client requiring a versatile, labour saving solution to support reinforced concrete beams ranging up to 950mm deep x 1800mm wide in the podium slab areas. These beams in turn carried additional loads from hollowcore slabs. We designed and supplied Alshor Plus with Albeam and Alform to cater for the high loads whilst providing the advantage of fast erection and dismantling of the falsework.

Having used Alshor Plus on propping heights of around 4.5m and experiencing the versatility of the system, the client then decided to use it as a high level support system to provide shoring to an area of beams and slabs at level 3, approximately 18m high. Levels 2 then 1 were constructed “top down” with the same system. This allowed critical early preparation work for the roof to be completed.

Alshor Plus was then utilised on various high load shoring applications throughout the construction of the substructure, concourse slabs and grandstands.

The project management team identified Alshor Plus’s benefits

Installation of the unique roof commenced during late 2008 and having utilised Alshor Plus in various soffit support applications, the client decided that the system was the best solution to provide support and combined access for fitting roof panels. The project management team identified that the high leg load capacity and generally 2.4m frame size of Alshor Plus would equate to less components, quicker erection and dismantling times, greater versatility, and reduced labour costs when compared to traditional scaffold/support systems.

Megashor towers positioned under each shell junction

The main loads from the roof during installation are being catered for by Megashor Towers positioned under each groin which forms the junction of each shell profile on the bio-frame roof. These Megashor Towers have been designed to incorporate special “headstock” arrangements, designed and supplied by the client, which connect to the node points on the roof. It is estimated that there will eventually be twenty such towers, one positioned under each groin when the roof is fully in place. The highest of these four legged towers will be approximately 24m from its base to the underside of the roof. Hiring Megashor has allowed the client a greater degree of flexibility in their considerations for supporting the roof compared with the alternative of structural steel fabrication and purchase. It also means that components to make up each Megashor Tower can be supplied to programme for assembly as required.

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