Civitas Apartments - Rapidstage Scaffolding

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  • PRODUCT Rapidstage-access
  • STRUCTURE TYPE Commercial, Hi-Rise
  • REGION Australia & New Zealand

The Rapidstage scaffold covered the perimeter of the building, allowing access to all external faces, its full height was 27m tall.

RMD Australia supplied Advance Constructions: formwork; shoring and scaffolding equipment solutions.

The Civitas Apartments are a 9 Storey apartment building constructed on the Darwin Esplanade. During its construction RMD Australia supplied Advance Constructions formwork, shoring and scaffolding equipment solutions.

Slimshor shoring was used for propping the wall formwork.
This project was constructed on the side of a very steep, 53 degree cliff face. This meant that the land firstly had to be excavated and banked out. The base of the building commenced approximately 15m down the side of the cliff. A large number of load bearing walls needed to be constructed and RMD’s Minima panel system was utilized for all these. The walls extended for approximately 45m, they were 600mm thick and 3m tall. The RMD Slimshor shoring system was used for propping the wall formwork to ensure it was stable. This work was undertaken by Gosaero Pty Ltd.

RMD’s Strongshor shoring system and Rapidstage scaffolding system were used.
RMD’s Strongshor frame system was used with timber and ply to support the podium slab which was 800mm thick and 800m² in area; this was effectively where the typical floors commenced, which gave a base for the Rapidstage scaffold to rest on. The Rapidstage scaffold covered the perimeter of the building allowing access to all external faces of the building. The scaffold at full height was 27m tall.

The Rapidstage scaffolding system.
The Scaffold was utilised in a two fold manner. Firstly as a highly efficient access system and also as a soffit/shoring system because the seventh floor protrudes out from the main structure by approximately 1.5m on the front elevation of the building, consequently Rapidstage was used as a soffit/shoring system to cater for this protrusion and then the next two floors were able to be constructed in the normal fashion.

RMD Darwin has worked with Advance Constructions on several projects throughout Darwin, many of which were multi-level dwellings.

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