Gracemere Shopping Centre - Airodek and Alshor Plus

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  • SYSTEM Shoring, Soffit Support
  • PRODUCT Airodek, Alshor Plus
  • STRUCTURE TYPE Commercial, Retail
  • REGION Australia & New Zealand

RMD Rockhampton were happy because they had won a 3,800m2 of an Alshor Plus/Airodek section of the Gracemere's Shopping Centre project.

Using the innovative Alshor Plus shoring system and the safe and easy to use Airodek soffit system

Construction is underway on Gracemere’s long-awaited $30 million shopping centre in Rockhampton by the McConaghy Group and the Branch Manager at RMD Rockhampton is very happy about it because he’s won a 3,800m2 slab to be constructed using the innovative Alshor Plus shoring system and the safe and easy to use Airodek soffit system.

At first the workers from Sydney were slow to assemble the Airodek on Alshor Plus because they were working on dirt and the heights of the jacks had to be adjusted for each leg. They couldn’t pre-set the jacks as is usually done, so a little bit of extra time was required for their adjustment.

Their speed of erecting Alshor Plus increased significantly
The six workers had used Airodek on props before, but not on the Alshor Plus shoring system, but they soon got the hang of it and their speed of erecting Alshor Plus increased significantly, well beyond systems they had used before.

For example to compare it to a frames, Alshor Plus was a lot faster, it was determined that 2 workers could assemble 100m2 a day with LVL and ply at 1 frame high, however with Alshor Plus they are doing about the same rate at 4.2 to 5.1m high.

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