Lynwood Quarry Project used Minima Panel System

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  • SYSTEM Formwork
  • PRODUCT Minima
  • STRUCTURE TYPE Industrial, Mining, Utilities
  • REGION Australia & New Zealand

The client and main contractor are very happy with the Minima panel system as it has proved to be a much quicker solution.

The Lynwood Quarry project is a difficult structure, but RMD produced a very workable design and detailed drawings.

The Lynwood Quarry project started construction phase in late November 2013 and is due to finish in April 2014, at which time the mine will commence quarrying 5 million tonnes of hard rock per annum. RMD Australia’s client is Ledacon, they are a civil contractor mainly doing bulk earthworks, excavation and concrete structures on infrequent occasions. Their director, Paul Martin, had dealt with one of RMD’s representatives in Sydney, Matt Anderson before and asked if Matt thought they were capable of taking on this particular job with the assistance of RMD.

Mat said, “It’s a difficult structure, but we can come up with a very workable design and detailed drawings, and I will provide as much site assistance as you need in order to be successful.”

There are two structures in this project:

One is the crusher base, which is a large block of concrete, to which the steel superstructure of the crusher machine fixes on to. On top of the crusher base, above pour 5, there are some additional walls and a crash barrier for the dump trucks to reverse out onto and tip from. The crusher structure is 15m high, which was completed over 5 pours, all of this structure was formed using traditional formwork using RMD Super Slims, Alform Beams and accessories.

Concrete behind the Minima shutters is up to 6m thick
The additional walls will be produced using RMD’s Minima panel system. The mass of concrete behind these shutters is up to 6m thick in places, so a pour rate of 0.6m/hour vertical rise was specified by our designers. The client has had no issues with any of the concrete pours and is very happy with our design and supply of equipment. Progress has been ahead of the programmed schedule.

The client and main contractor are very happy with the Minima panel system as it has proved to be much quicker
The second structure occurred due to the main contractor being extremely happy with the work RMD was doing on the crusher building. This structure is basically a U shaped set of walls with wings, used for reclaiming rock spoils. Backfill will be placed around the outside so the top 1.5m has a thickening protruding which hasn’t been formed yet.
Matt said, “We introduced some water bar couplers to be cast into the wall to enable the outside shutters to remain in place once the propped side was removed. The pour 2 panels are then fixed on top of these and the thickening formed using Rapidshor deck and more panels.” The client and main contractor are very happy with the Minima panel system as it has proved to be much quicker than what they have experienced with conventional formwork used previously. The integrated work platforms have also impressed them with regards to safety.


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