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RMD Perth won this large BGC Contracting project because of the productivity of the Alshor Plus shoring system.

BGC Contracting utilised RMD Australia’s products and services to support them on several elements of the Sino Iron Project.

CITIC Pacific’s massive Sino Iron project is a world class magnetite iron ore project being developed at Cape Preston, 100km south west of Karratha in Western Australia’s Pilbara region. It is the largest magnetite mining and processing operation under construction in Australia with an estimated value of $5.2 billion.

At peak construction about 4,000 people will be employed building the project. When in operation there will be about 800 permanent positions, in addition to 250 roles at corporate level.

Construction works include:
Infrastructure including: site access roads; batching plant; major earthworks; buildings; water system; accommodation; fuel system; electrical distribution; port and communications.
Process plant including: conventional crushers and grinding mills; magnetic separators and magnetite concentrator.
Once operating, the project will mine about 140 million tonnes each year and the processing plant will handle approximately 80 million tonnes of material. This material goes through in-pit crushers before being transported to the concentrator. The crushed ore then enters giant grinding mills, the most powerful in the world. There will be six grinding mill lines, each using 44 megawatts of power and standing more than 17 metres high. The mills will produce a fine ore stream which enters magnetic separators to become a concentrate. The concentrate will be thickened and stored before being pumped 25km to the port, where it is filtered to reduce moisture. From there, the concentrate will be exported for use in steel making.

BGC Contracting utilised RMD Australia’s products and services to support them on several elements of the Sino Iron Project, including construction of the Area 20 Concentrator Stockpile Tunnel. The main core of the tunnel was approximately 325m long, with six feeder tunnels, each running perpendicular to the core being 55m long. At each end of the main core there were two approach tunnels each approximately 40m long.

RMD Perth won this project because of the productivity of the Alshor shoring system
RMD Perth won this BGC Contracting project because of the productivity of the Alshor Plus shoring system for forming the 2.5m thick roof slab. The original intention was to table-form the Alshor Plus falsework and move it from one pour to another utilising Alshor Plus Castor Units. RMD’s scope of works was to form the 2.5m thick base to the main tunnel using RMD’s Minima panel system, then the 1.5m thick by 6.7m high walls using conventional RMD equipment (Super Slims, Alform Beam, bar ties & plywood) and this was followed by the 2.5m thick soffit utilising the Alshor Plus shoring system.

Other buildings constructed and the products used
Some of the other buildings that BGC constructed included the Stockpile Reclaim Vault, where they used RMD Australia’s Minima panel wall system, Super Slim Soldiers and Alform Beam for traditional formwork and the Alshor Plus shoring system. When constructing the Pebble Crusher building they once again used Super Slim Soldiers and Alform Beam, but used Rapidshor for shoring. BGC used the Slimshor shoring system to help with the construction of the 51 gigalitre Desalination Plant .The Drive Unit in Area 20 was built using Super Slims and Alform Beam being used as traditional formwork.

Cimeco Pty Ltd were also involved with the construction of sections of Area 20, as well as the Filter Buildings using RMD Australia’s Minima panel wall system. They used Minima because of its easy assembly and its ability to be used for most layout combinations and pour heights.

Another RMD Australia client on this project was Catcon who used the Minima panel wall system and Super Slim Soldiers to construct the 450 Megawatt combined cycle gas fired power station and foundations for the High Pressure Grinding Rolls.

Whitten Brothers used Super Slim Soldiers, Alform Beams for traditional formwork and the Rapidshor shoring system for the construction of the AG Mills and the Sub Station 21101. They also used the Webtie soffit formwork suspension system to form the Ball Mill suspended slab.

A further client, DTMT used RMD’s Reflex curved wall system for the Area 40 Drop Box and the Processed Water structure.

The main issue with this project was the sheer scale of the project logistics (Cape Preston being 1,500km’s north of Perth) and coordinating the huge amount of equipment required within a very short time frame, some of which was sourced from overseas.

The use of key RMD Australia systems: Alshor Plus; Rapidshor; Minima; Reflex and Super Slims with Alform Beam to create traditional formwork, enabled RMD Australia’s clients to deliver the massive structures within the relevant time frames.


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