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Building Information Modelling (BIM) is becoming more established internationally and is changing the requirements placed on contractors, in turn we are seeing this change passed down the supply change. Read how how we are responding to this.


BIM-Compliant Models

In a number of international markets we are now seeing our customers demanding BIM models of our temporary works solutions. In response to our customer’s needs, we’re now building our solutions into IFC BIM compliant models that contractors can load into their own systems.  We are doing this in a number of ways, from designs directly into BIM packages such as Revit, or through the automation and converting 3D AutoCAD models.

BIM allows the introduction of time as a fourth dimension allowing for construction phasing to be assessed. Through this on site clashes can be detected plus data can be captured to better manage equipment and plan construction phasing.

Due to the responsiveness of the models, our customers are able to visualise the overall management, build ability, and future planning of the site. Any construction site needs to be flexible; it’s just the nature of the job, the site demands change. With BIM compliant models, our customers are able to see what impact said change will have on a site. How does this change and affect planned phasing; how does it impact delivery of equipment? As the models are already embedded into the BIM model, our customers are able to manipulate processes, change phasing, and target specific elements of any model. This puts the control back in the main contractor’s hands and grants complete visibility.

With BIM compliant packages customers can use their own tacit knowledge to look at practicalities for delivery, erection and dismantling of kit; where access and egress can be placed, and how the temporary works solution accommodates for other works on site. It’s all about the better management of the site in order to ensure even safer working practices, and ultimately reduce time and costs.

What would you like to do next?

What would you like to do next?


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