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Decking / Slabs / Soffit

Decking / Slabs / Soffit

RMD's slab / soffit / decking systems are innovative, safe and highly productive. RMD Australia's experience in the industry has helped us develop leading formwork systems.

Decking / Slabs / Soffit

System Overview

RMD's state-of-the-art formwork systems are used around the world, because they are innovative, quick to assemble, have excellent strength to weight ratios, and are highly productive. They have been used in various projects from the civil engineering to commercial high-rise buildings. RMD Australia has a demonstrable winning formula for your projects, when its products are combined with its world class sales and engineering teams’ prowess.


  • RMD's decking, soffit and slab formwork systems are designed to help you save time and money, they are fast to erect and dismantle, simple to use and work with many of RMD's other systems to provide you with a complete formwork solution.


  • The decking or soffit formwork systems from RMD are versatile and easy to use. Simple to erect, they reduce the labour requirement on site and can help improve cycle times. Whatever formwork requirement you have, RMD has the right product for you.


  • All our soffit formwork systems are designed with safety as a prerequisite. We have many years of experience in the industry and understand the part that our systems can play in safe construction. So as a result of our many built in safety features and our engineering excellence we know how to provide you with a safe solution.

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