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Decking / Slabs / Soffit

Decking / Slabs / Soffit

RMD's slab / soffit / decking systems are innovative, safe and highly productive. RMD Australia's experience in the industry has helped us develop leading formwork systems.

Decking / Slabs / Soffit 

Decking / Slabs / Soffit

Aluminium Beams


The comprehensive range of Aluminium Beams supplied by RMD compliment our shoring solutions, which means that we can configure a slab formwork solution to suit your needs

Primary and Secondary Members

Using Aluminium Beams with the extensive clamping options means that Aluminium Beams can be used both as primary and secondary members.

Strong but Light to Handle

Aluminium beams combine the benefits of strength, lightness and ease of handling with consistency, versatility and exceptional durability.

Designed for Formwork

Alform Beams are designed so plywood can easily be secured to the beams by nailing ply to its timber insert.

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