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Rapidstage's inherent simplicity is what makes it a versatile, efficient and a cost effective alternative to traditional tube and coupler scaffolds.

System Overview

Rapidstage is the key product in RMD Australia's Scaffolding range. Rapidstage is a universally established prefabricated scaffolding system. Its inherent simplicity is what makes Rapidstage a versatile, efficient and cost effective alternative to traditional tube and coupler.


  • Captive wedge connections are used, which makes it quick and easy to fix ledgers and transoms to standards.


  • Rapidstage doesn't have any loose fittings as opposed to tube and coupler scaffold, and this makes it easier to keep track of the components. It also means less losses.
  • As a result of Rapidstage not having screw threads, it is more simple to maintain and minimises services costs.


  • Rapidstage's range of accessories, such as staircase towers, loading bays, handrails and hop-up brackets ensures that it is a safe system for your workers.

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